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Images of British Lichenicolous Fungi

Lichenoconium erodens M.S.Christ. & D.Hawksw.

Ascomycota, incertae sedis (anamorph): black pycnidia set in or projecting (erumpent) from the host thallus, initially in bleached areas surrounded by a black line or whole thallus becoming bleached and distorted, often with holes or eroded areas, producing brown, subglobose conidia, 2.5 – 3.5 µm in diameter, parasitising a number of foliose and sometimes crustose lichens, frequently on Hypogymnia physodes. Widespread, evidently locally frequent. {Note, the host lichen is likely to have its own pycnidia, but typically more deeply set in the thallus and with the conidia differing microscopically.]

Refs: Hawksworth (1981), 33-6 (line illustration); Hawksworth (1983), 27; Diederich in Nash et al. (2004), 659.

Lichenoconium erodens
Lichenoconium erodens, showing pycnidia
On Hypogymnia physodes on gravestone, Slapton, Devon, August 2011 (det. D. Hawksworth)

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