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Images of British Lichenicolous Fungi

Abrothallus microspermus Tul.
(anamorph: Vouauxiomyces truncatus (B. de Lesd.) Dyko & D. Hawksw.)

Ascomycota, incertae sedis: apothecia black, with indistinct margins, arising on the host thallus, ascospores brown, verrucose, 1-septate, cells unequal; anamorphic stage as dark brown to black pycnidia, conidia colourless, aseptate, pear-shaped with truncate base. Parasitic on Flavoparmelia caperata and, more rarely, Parmotrema perlatum, widespread, records mainly in the west but also East Anglia.

Refs: Hawksworth & Dyko (1979) Lichenologist 11: 51-61 (line illustrations and photomicrographs, as V. truncatus); Hawksworth (1981), 67-71 (line illustration and photomicrograph of conidia, as V. truncatus); Hawksworth (1983), 20 (as A. microspermus), 30 (as V. truncatus); Diederich in Nash et al. (2004), 627.


Abrothallus microspermus, anamorph
Abrothallus microspermus, conidia
Anamorph on Flavoparmelia caperata, Slapton, Devon, August 2011. Upper photograph: pycnidia; lower photograph: conidia.

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