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Images of British Lichens

Usnea rubicunda Stirt.

Fruticose, tufted to pendulous, much branched, grey-green, base not or scarcely blackened, at least the main branches suffused with brownish orange (not to be confused with localised, orange age-discolouration in other species), cortex somewhat shining like coloured glass, fine branches with clusters of isida, eroding to become sorediate. On trees, more rarely rocks, widespread but mainly near the south and west coasts.

Refs: James (2003), 28 (line illustrations); Smith et al. (2009), 928; Purvis et al. (1992), 628; Dobson (2005), 446-7 (photo); Dobson (2011), 453 (photo); Jahns (1983), 188-9 (photo); van Haluwyn et al. (2009), 126-7 (photos); Valcárcel et al. (2003), 372-3 (photo); Wirth et al. (2004), 38 (photo); Hinds & Hinds (2007), 503 (photo); Brodo et al. (2001), 723 (photo); McCune & Geiser (2009), 363 & 372 (photos).


Usnea rubicunda in situ
Usnea rubicunda in situ, showing stem base
Usnea rubicunda, fine branches
Usnea rubicunda, primary branch
On Sallow (Salix cinerea subsp. oleifolia), Orielton, Pembrokeshire, May 2009: thallus in situ; fine branch showing clustered
isidia; primary branch. Identity confirmed by Pat Wolseley (TLC demonstration, chemotype with stictic and constictic acids).

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