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Images of British Lichens

Umbilicaria cylindrica (L.) Delise ex Duby
var. fimbriata (Ach.) Nyl.

Differs from var. cylindrica in that abundant, rigid, black, branched cilia project from under the lobe margins. Distribution of the species: locally common on exposed rocks and boulders in the north and west, generally upland; the variety evidently widespread within this range.

Refs: Krzewicka (2004), 26; Kershaw (1961), 256; Dobson (2005), 436 (photo, as species); Dobson (2011), 443 (photo, as species); Jahns (1983), 226-227 (photo, as species); Wirth (1995), 2: 933 (photo, as species); Wirth et al. (2004), 135 (photo, as species); Moberg & Holmåson (1984), 154 (photo, as species); Holien & Tønsberg (2008), 101 (photo, as species); Valcárcel et al. (2003), 364-5 (photo, as species); Brodo et al. (2001), 699, 701 (photo, as species); McCune & Geiser (2009), 343 (photo, as species).

Umbilicaria cylindrica var. fimbriata
On montane boulder, Upper Glen Shee, Aberdeenshire, August 2008

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