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Images of British Lichens

Trapelia glebulosa (Sm.) J.R.Laundon
(= T. involuta (Taylor) Hertel)

Thallus of dispersed to crowded, white to pale grey, crenulate or radiately lobed squamules or squamulose, overlapping areoles, testing C+ red with bleach; apothecia small but sometimes swollen when wet, pink-brown, with white, halo-like, residual rims of thallus. Widespread and locally common on siliceous rocks and sometimes on coastal soil.

Refs: Smith et al. (2009), 907; Purvis et al. (1992), 611 (as T. involuta); Dobson (2005), 431 (photo, as T. involuta); Dobson (2011), 438 (photo); van Herk & Aptroot (2004, 2013), 364-5 (photo, as T. involuta); Valcárcel et al. (2003), 360-1 (photo, as T. involuta); Wirth (1995), 2: 920, 921 (photo, as T. involuta); Wirth, Hauck & Schulz (2013), 2: 1111, 1112 (photo); Brodo et al. (2001), 685 (photo, as T. involuta).

Trapelia glebulosa
Wet material on stone wall, Balmaha, Stirlingshire, October 2008. Note numerous normally-sized apothecia as well as the two swollen apothecia.

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