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Images of British Lichens

Schismatomma graphidioides (Leight.) Zahlbr.

Thallus thin, white to pale grey, sometimes cracking, scratching yellow-orange (Trentepohlia photobiont), sometimes with a defined, black prothallus, surface never sorediate but generally pruinose (calcium oxalate crystals); apothecia rounded to elongated or irregular in shape, sometimes branched, with a white, thalline exciple; requires confirmation on microscopical characters. A rare species of old parkland and ancient woodland in scattered localities in the north and west.
British Red Data Book species: vulnerable.

Refs: Smith et al. (2009), 836; Purvis et al. (1992), 560; Arup et al. (1997), 233 (photo); Thor & Arvidsson (1999), 321 (photo).

On dry oak (Quercus x rosacea) bark, Logie, Morayshire, August 2010, BLS meeting

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