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Images of British Lichens

Llimonaea sorediata van den Boom, Brand & Elix

Thallus a creamy white to very pale pink crust, surface with poorly developed, minutely crystalline cortex, dot-like white soralia spreading to form a granular-sorediate covering; apothecia immersed, brown to black, pruinose, but rare and not yet seen in British material (as of 2009). In dry rock crevices, mostly in western sea-cliifs but also recorded from church walls. First recognised as a species in 2007 and distribution not yet well known but evidently not common, a species of the European Atlantic coast.

Refs: van den Boom & Brand (2007), Lichenologist 39: 309-14 (includes photo of apothecia); Smith et al. (2009), 560.

Llimonaea sorediata
In dry crevice in sea-cliff, Bàgh a Ghallanaich, Isle of Muck (BLS meeting), June 2012

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