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Images of British Lichens

Lepraria ecorticata (J.R.Launon) Kukwa
(= Lecanora ecorticata J.R.Laundon)

Thallus diffuse, thin to rather thick and cracked, powdery (leprose), lacking a medulla or any marginal differentiation into lobes, pale yellow-green (said to be bluish grey in deep shade), granules without projecting hyphae, thallus K-; apothecia unknown. In shaded places on acid rocks, probably frequent in western Britain, but first described as a species in 2003 and undoubtedly under-recorded.

Refs: Smith et al. (2009), 537; Dobson (2011), 248 (photo).

This species resembles Psilolechia lucida, which is a somewhat brighter, sulphur yellow. Lecanora orosthea is also similar, but the thallus is corticate, at least when young, the cortex likely to persist at least at the margins.

Lepraria ecorticata
Lepraria ecorticata
On boulder in shady, oceanic woodland, Ardilistry, Islay, May 2011

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